Checkmarx One

The Enterprise Application
Security Platform

Secure your apps from code to cloud. Get correlated results from a unified platform and ensure the success of your enterprise AppSec program.


Unified Dashboard & Reporting


Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Conduct fast, accurate scans to identify risk in your custom code.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Identify security and license risks in open source software that is used in your applications.

Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS)

Proactively identify software supply chain attacks, and secure developer environments.

API Security

Eliminate shadow and zombie APIs and mitigate API-specific risks.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Identify vulnerabilities only seen in production and assess their behavior.

Container Security

Scan static container images, check configurations, and determine what open source packages are called and identify vulnerabilities pre-production

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) Security

Automatically scan your IaC files to find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations.

Runtime Security

Correlate identified open source vulnerabilities with runtime insights to protect containers while apps are running

Powered By AI

+75 technologies and languages, +100 frameworks

SDLC integrations


Create Your Ideal Enterprise
Application Security Program

Checkmarx One integrates a comprehensive suite of AppSec solutions,
including SAST, SCA, SCS, API Security, DAST, Container, and IaC Security.

This unified approach eliminates the need for multiple tools and fragmented workflows, streamlining your DevSecOps and enabling you to identify and remediate vulnerabilities faster than ever before.


Build trust between AppSec and developers to find and fix vulnerabilities and reduce risk.

Get The Most
Out of AppSec Consolidation

Simplify management, reduce TCO, and get better security outcomes from AppSec tools built to work together.

Fastest Time
To Value

Scan in minutes, adopt a proven AppSec program methodology, and customize your AppSec tools to reduce false positives up to 90%.

The Cloud-Native Enterprise AppSec Platform

Checkmarx One has everything you need to embed AppSec in every stage of the SDLC, provide an excellent developer experience, integrate with the technologies you use, and build a successful AppSec program.

From Code To Cloud

A full suite of AppSec tools, from SAST and SCA, to runtime protections.

Enterprise appsec platform UI From Code To Cloud​
Cloud Native​ Enterprise appsec platform

Cloud Native

Checkmarx One is built on the cloud, for the cloud. Get everything you need to secure new cloud native apps while maintaining protection for legacy apps.

Fusion Correlation Layer

Automatically correlate results from multiple AppSec tools for higher accuracy and less noise.

Enterprise Appsec platform Fusion Correlation Layer​ UI
Unified Dashboard With SSO​

Unified Dashboard With SSO

One dashboard. One log-in. All your AppSec tools, and results, in one place.

Application Risk Management

Provides aggregated scores for each application and ranks them by risk, putting exploitability in the terms of your business.

Enterprise Application Risk Management​ UI

Accelerate Time to
Value with Services

Checkmarx offers comprehensive professional services to help you build, refine, and manage your AppSec program; and, to maximize the benefits you get from the platform. No matter what stage of maturity your AppSec program is in, Checkmarx has the expertise that you need to be successful.

Premium Application Security Services
Premium Application Security Services

software quality

When you give developers the knowledge and tools to write high-quality, secure code, they will be able to create innovative and secure applications.


Train developers to recognize and mitigate security risks effectively, which reduces the chances of inadvertently introducing vulnerabilities into their code.


By helping your developers write secure code from the start, you’ll see accelerated software development and secure software delivery.

Mitigate API Risk Faster

Discover and assess APIs everywhere – throughout the lifecycle, in documentation, source code, and dynamic testing – to address risks efficiently.

Prioritized Remediation

Focus your AppSec teams and developers on the most critical issues, by prioritizing API vulnerabilities based on their business value and risk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Securing your enterprise’s applications effectively is complex. AppSec teams that started with just SAST tools have moved on to owning and managing multiple Application Security Testing (AST) solutions, all aimed at different areas of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). In many cases this has led to companies: needing to manage multiple vendor
contracts, AppSec teams and developers managing multiple log-ins and learning different systems, and teams needing to manually corelate disparate sets of data from entirely different sources. An AppSec platform should help make everyone’s job easier and reduce TCO through fewer tools to learn and manage, as well as through automatically correlated results.

Checkmarx One is an enterprise AppSec platform, and provides flexible, competitive pricing to meet the demands of the market. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Checkmarx One Provides a true unified AppSec experience where you can see all vulnerabilities in one place, manage with one process, and integrate seamlessly into one DevSecOps workflow. For more information on how to get more, check out our whitepaper.

With our quick start guide you can start your first scan in minutes. Our team of dedicated experts will work with you to make certain that your team has everything it needs set up properly to make your AppSec program a success.

Most likely! Checkmarx understands that while the steps in the SDLC are the same everywhere, how each company approaches it from a technology and process standpoint is different. In the end, you need an AppSec platform that works the way you do. That’s why Checkmarx focuses on integrating with all the tools, both new and legacy, that you and your developers use to do your jobs:

CI/CD – Automate scanning as part of your
CI/CD Pipeline

Development Frameworks – Support your
development teams in how they work together with support for 100+ development frameworks

Feedback Tools – Give your developers the necessary context to find and fix vulnerabilities, within their existing workflow, with our industry-leading support tools.

IDE – Enable developers to review and fix vulnerabilities in their preferred IDE.

Programming Languages – Checkmarx One
offers out-of-the-box support for 50+ languages

SCM Integrations – Automate scanning as code is checked in, enabling your team to shift
even further left

Reduce Risk From the Start

Fixing a software problem in production is 100x more costly than fixing during the design phase, and 15x more than during coding.